Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Power Club Dramatis Personae II: Villains, Friends, and a Sibling

Last week, we looked at the main characters in The Power Club.  Now let’s meet some of the other kids who live in the district:

CALVIN GOODRICH—A kid in Damon’s class, Calvin has the ability to create “holes” in reality that lead to alien dimensions. When he was very young, Calvin made a classmate named Suzy Steele disappear into another dimension and couldn’t bring her back. Because his power is so dangerous, Calvin is kept isolated and forced to attend special classes. He is deeply jealous of other powered kids who get to play outside and make friends. Calvin’s lack of socialization is reflected in his poor speaking skills.

RUSTY REDDICK—A year older than Damon, Rusty can drawn energy from the sun and release in destructive solar bursts. Because Damon has the ability to create darkness, Rusty sees Damon as his natural enemy and can’t wait to challenge him to a duel of light versus dark.

LARRY ENDICOTT—A few years older than Damon, Larry can extend his fingers several feet and make them rock hard. As such, he can attack an enemy from several feet away.  Larry lives at the end of Damon’s block and is very territorial about the section of the alley he calls Larry’s End.

ANDY—One of Damon’s school friends. Andy’s freeze breath can freeze any object solid almost instantly. Feeling his power is useless, Andy prefers to play football.

ARIC—Another school friend of Damon’s. Aric wears thick glasses as his eyesight gets worse every year. He compensates with radar vision, which enables him to sense nearby objects in darkness or when his eyes are closed.

SUZY STEELE—As her name implies, Suzy had the power to create a nearly indestructible, steel-like shell around her body. In second grade, she got into a fight with Calvin, who “sent her away” by causing her to fall into another dimension. Calvin couldn’t bring her back (or didn’t want to), and no one has seen her since.

Not every kid who lives in the district has powers. Because the district wants powered kids to have a normal life, their immediate families—including brothers and sisters—also must live in the district.  These kids include:

ELDON NEUMEYER—Damon’s younger brother.  An inquisitive, practical minded kid, “El” feels left out because he doesn’t have a power, yet he resents the fact that he has to live in the district, too. Eldon keeps hoping his brother will lose his power so they can move somewhere else.

These are a few of the characters who live in Damon’s world. But the surface, as they say, has barely been scratched.

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