Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Would You Like Fries With That Murder?" The Thin Line Between Heroes and Villains

Here's an oldie but a goodie.

Back in 2003, I joined the Kansas City Comics Creators Network (KCCCN, later mercifully shortened to CCN)a group of enthusiastic artists and writers who were devoted to publishing our own work independently. The CCN eventually went the way of all things, but not before publishing a number of works, including three massive volumes of an anthology series called Show and Tell.

Show and Tell # 1 featured the first story I ever had published. It was also my first collaboration with an artist.

The artist was Travis Fox, best known for the comics strip Foxymoron, which has run in The Kansas City Star. The story: a five-page ditty called "Would You Like Fries With That Murder?"

"Would You Like Fries" parodies the ever-popular dark side of super-heroes. Are heroes truly good and villains truly bad? Is there much difference between the two?

The twist? The story is told through the eyes of a former super-villain who is forced to make ends meet by slaving away as a fast-food employee.

Hey, even super-villains have to make a living.


Story © 2003-2012 Greg Gildersleeve.  Art © 2003-2012 Travis Fox.

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Dave Whitaker said...

Nice work, Greg! Thanks for sharing. Definitely left me chuckling.

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